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Format: CD- Digi

Price: COP16000

The new sensation in thrash metal from Sydney Australia comes with an album charged of pure and fast sound from the old school. Their second album Atonement* is in top 40 charts in Australia and New Zealand. For lover of good thrash like Megadeth or Annihilator.

This album contains 10 songs that break your brain in thousand of pieces:

  1. The Theatre
  2. Spineless
  3. Confront
  4. Sold
  5. Atonement
  6. Social Mediocrity
  7. Sucker punch
  8. Bad Blood
  9. Burden of Proof
  10. Dodger (New Murder)

You can see everything about the success of Hazmat at Hazmatmetal.com

 * Album imported from Germany.  Issued by Metal Blast Records, Berlin


Manipulated Slaves CDs

Manipulated Slaves-pack


Dramatic thrash metal from Japan (Imported)

 -The Legendary Black Jade-

-Burst into Blue Flame-

Osaka metallers has released this 2 classic albums through World Caos Productions in 2000 and 2001.



Special rate:       COP 26000+ Shipping





  Crystal Memory



First release for the power metal band that has 11 power and melodic songs composed from their early days back in 2004 up to date. This album was released last July 2013 and was produced by Antonio Mosquera (Agressor). Crystal Memory includes songs like “Stay Away”, “Someone needs a hero”, “Fall Again” among another hits.

Copies Limited.!!!!

COP 15000



A Prompt and Utter Destruction

Format: Digi EP

Brokenhead is a Thrash/Death metal band created in Geneva (Switzerland) in 2014. Influenced by both old school and modern metal, the band delivers aggressive and intricate music.  Lyrics are for the most part inspired by dystopian literature. After 2 years defining their style by playing all around Geneva and finding the right line up, the band finally hit the studio. Their first EP, “A Prompt and Utter Destruction” is out on January 2017.

Track list:

  1. Chronophobia
  2. Buy the Lie
  3. The night belong to us
  4. Endless Terror
  5. Greed.

COP 13000.


Format: CD
10 cuts and a bonus track make of this the most interesting album in Tenebrarum’s career. A chamber orchestra, two female singers, additional percussion and electronic sounds were used in a mix that project the band in an international market. Mastered by George Marino (Metallica, Guns’n’Roses, Aerosmith, etc.) at Sterling sound studios (NY).
COP 13000
Name your Displeasure
CD compilation with Gothic, Industrial and Death Metal bands from Arizona scene with brutal, fast and screaming acts to put perfect harmonies and special effects on every song.
1.Noise Process “Incarnate”
2.Vessels Of Wrath “When two oceans meet”
3.Desade “Black Widow”
4.Motive “Straight Madness”
5.Imperiled Earth “I am the way”
6.Fall of Empyrean “Cascading rivers of black”
7.Second Skin “Beautiful”
8.Suicide Star “My Altar”
9.Vehemence “I take your life”
10.Ikonoklast “The filth inside”
11.Anonymous Threats “The upper hand”
12.Machines of Distress “Just like the world died”
13.Neurosyn “Overbearer”
COP 11000





The album is well produced with good sequencing and vocals between both male and female singers complimented by some fine guitar work. There is a darker moody side to some of the tracks here such asHope and In my dream.
Subculture draws heavily on 1980s influences and is a bit of a flagbearer for this style of music in the current music climate. Highlights are Sequence of Events and Hope. In three words Euro, Dance, Gothic.



leishmaniasis-livers-bleeding-live LEISHMANIASIS   Livers Bleeding -LIVE-   

 CD  Digipack  –  COP 17.000

Production of the Digipack was done at SOS studios with engineering and sound production by Carlos Franco and Hugo Amaya; plus printing, promotion, and distribution leaded by VISUAL STORE/APEX STUDIO. “Livers” contain 10 songs recorded during their live show at “Manizales Grita Rock” in August 2010.

Track list:

  1. Bag on her head
  2. Decomposed Skin Craft
  3. Organos Hermentados
  4. Necromasturbación
  5. Entrañas Putrefactas
  6. Mordiendo Viceras
  7. Dropped in a Ditch
  8. Body Snatchers
  9. Putrefacto
  10. Organos Hermentados (Revisted)



Hellborn Hell Born
 Legacy of the Nephilim
Format: CD
In the middle of Jully 2003 in Hertz Studio Bialystok (DECAPITATED, ASGARD) under careful supervision      of brothers Wieslawski HELL-BORN finished the recording sesion of the 3rd album.Hell Fucking Metal warriors know no mercy! The HELL BORN full length LEGACY OF THE NEPHILIM is ready to set the heavens on fire and claim the earthly thrones! Eleven pieces of living infernal brimstone and ferocious energy, with playing time of over 40 minutes! A real must for every tru metal maniac!
COP 13000

Sagros-Anger bllinds the Mind SAGROS

 Anger blinds the Mind

Format: CD

Price: COP 16000

SAGROS is consolidated in 2013 as one of the most important thrash Metal bands from Cali Colombia, thanks to its powerful live performances around the home territory. The band made guest appearances at major shows such as: KREATOR, EXODUS, MORTAL SIN, ICED EARTH, VITAL REMAINS, TESTAMENT, WHIPLASH, DESTRUCTION & ANNIHILATOR are also the biggest.

After 15 years of torment and Thrash Metal dedicated to creating strong sounds for metalheads of Colombia and the world, with hundreds of live performances, a professional tape, two first EP and the emergence of several compilations, SAGROS finally prepares to release its debut album entitled “ANGER BLINDS THE MIND” which has been delayed by different scenarios. This album will be finally in early 2013, under the label HateWorks of Manizales Colombia.

Double Diamond Double Diamond
Format: CD
Belgian metal band, which perform classic metal sounds with fine style in their    voice with elements of Iron Maiden, between progressive and old 80s classic tunes with fine and unique riffs. Album produced by Rudy Lenners (ex-Scorpions drummer). A professional release with eleven track bonus en fine cover.
COP 11000


Godless Truth Godless Truth
 Burining Existence
Format: CD
Three guys from Czech Republic that perform amazing technical Death Metal, superb musicianship, a bit of melody and excellent crystal clear production appreciate through 10 songs in this their second album recorded under umbrella of DEADSUN Records, France.
BURNING EXISTENCE is without dude a great album with good, very good performance and clear riffs across the 42 minutes of intense death metal.
COP 11000
Underthreat Under threat
Format: CD
The threat that falls upon us is stronger every time with this devastating attack of furious and masterful precise Death Metal, in which the melodies emerges between aggressive and smart cuts, with abrassive guitars built over annihilating rhythmic patterns, carrying out the tearing lyrical proclamation.
With a near to perfection production by Chris Djuricic at Studio One (Jungle Rot, Novembers Doom, Fleshgrind) and a cover artwork by Niklas Sundin (Dark Tranquillity, Sentenced, Arch Enemy) this album is without any doubt the most mature and compact piece released by the band, it also includes a video from his succesfull presentation at “Rock al Parque” Festival in front of more than 80,000 maniacs as a bonus feature.
COP 14000 (Free sticker included)
Horcas Horcas
Format: CD
Coming the fifth album for those guys known as the purest and fine performing band. HORCAS come renewed as a power metal in vein of Manowar, Iron Maiden or Wasp with Spanish lyrics and fast electric riffs with some Latin feel in twelve songs.

COP 13000
 Extremate Rotten Flesh
 The End
Format: CD
A gateway to the dungeons has been opened, and believe me you don’t want to be absorbed by it. Be prepared to run from (or perish suffocated by) the stink of the EXTREMELY ROTTEN FLESH!. ERF has been working for some years now in the powerful underground Colombian scene as a serious and intense BRUTAL DEATH METAL band …and hell yeah, these guys have made us bang our heads! With a groovy and crushing extreme style the band has finally released -through BRUTALIZED RECORDS- their long awaited first full album after 2 previous successful promos, and several apparitions in compilations all around the world. Deep-low, gory, sick vocals, catching yet brutal riffs, and non-stoppable drumming machinery grinded into a bizarre human decadence lyrical concept will surely blow out your minds. Welcome to the garden of putrefaction and rot in peace! A real must-have for flesh eating sickos!!! Cheers!
COP 13000
 Predators Arrival
Format: CD
80’s thrash metal, the colombian band AGGRESSIVE is banging every head in town. Corrosive, fast and with unstoppable energy, the guys are debuting with amazing songs like Metal Head Case, Corrosive Entertainment and White Empire’s Greed, among others. There are 8 guillotine-cuts influenced by the Bay Area sound, which will surely behead more than a fanatic. Lovers of Vio-lence, Overkill and Nuclear Assault won’t hesitate about worshiping this band as the new gods of the New Wave of Thrash Metal (NWOTM) phenomenon now days.
COP 16000  (Reduced price, now!)

 Monos en Bolas
 Civilizacion Cero
Format: CD


This CD are for the winners at –Aguante Buenos Aires- hosted by Culture and Entertainment City Bureau. Alternative sounds with funky and pop spices on excellent work during 49 minutes and 12 intense songs. Historic and glorious tunes.

COP 8000

 Fatima Hill
Format: CD
Power metal band with Celtic and progressive sounds influences in vein of Marillion, Yes, Saga among others.

This album contains 57 minutes of great metal and melodic voices.
1. Aiesis and your bible
2. Egyptian tarot
3. Wheel of fortune
4. The sun of thorns
5. Valhalla / The sons for Beatrice part2
6. Oriel window
7. Aeon
COP 16000


Blasting Hatred

Blasting Hatred

Blasting Hatred

Wak´a Atiy Kasu

Mind blowing blasting and brutal Death Metal lyrically inspired by the cultures, gods and legends of ancient Latin American tribes. Epic riffs that surround inhuman growls and breathless drumming bring to life (or death) this terrifying piece of extreme art.
The album itself becomes a cult to the sacred beasts and their relationship with prehispanic civilizations, from the Mayan world of the dead to across the Amazon, from over the Andean tops to the driest regions of South America.
The band strongly stand for their commitment with nature, this dying planet and Mama Pucha, so all the artworks are printed on 100% ecologic and recycled paper.



Metal King

Metal King

Metal King

The Blood of a Living Past

This, the third Metal King album, presents a band focused on playing Thrash Black Metal with a strong old school inclination, keeping their epic sound and the influence of classic Heavy Metal, clearly noticed on some sections of the disc, in which the guitar leads the compositions and melts together with an appropiate bass and drums playing, getting as result a compact and defined sound, with extreme voices adding a distinctive touch.
Metal King pays tribute to the essence of metal with honesty and compromise, through an album offering different moments from calm arpegios to aggressive thrash, heavy and forceful.



Dark Season INTENSE
 Dark Season
Format: CD
Hints of Judas Priest, Fear Factory, Metallica (just to name a few) can be found, evoking an unmatched mix of traditional with cutting edge. Discover one of Britain’s best kept secrets.
COP 13000.

 Mistaken Conception
Mistaken Conception is the third assault from the Colombian band that has already crushed it’s way into the  brutal metal scene. With a mature, professional, yet devastating sound that’s always breaking the necks of their brutal fans. From the 10 lethal shots of brutality, songs like: “Wretched Despondency”, “A Pallid    Criminal” or “Dead Man Walking” are the epitome of this deadly grind. This album has a regular CD presentation and also included is a special double CD edition containing additionally the split compilation albums released in 2001 and 2002 called “Ten Years Trading…”, re-mastered and ready to explode your brain again.
COP 17000

The Esscence
Technical Death Metal with a Thrash dose, faithful to the trademarked Gothenburg sound, but going farest adding more heavy and brutal touches. The outstanding vocal department goes from teared high pitched screams to guttural growls all with a unique strong and deep tone, the guitars are fast, precise and extremely well executed and the drums ads even some grind parts to make of this album a complete (master) piece of metal.
Recorded and mixed at Los Angered Studios by no one else than swedish mastermind producer Andy LaRoque and a cover artwork done by brazilian digital artist Marcos Cerutti, “The Essence” became in one of the strongest debuts from this year in the worlwide metal scene.
COP 15000
In a glass of whiskey blends angryness, fat guitars, Rock’n’Roll, some HC influences, catchy riffs, a dirty voice and pure metal attitude, shake strongly and enjoy at one shot… the result? Hell Yeahhh!! a total honest album to blow you away, this is “Choasbreed” by the Profane, the perfect soundtrack to the craziest evil drunken party.
Recorded at Covenant Productions and mastered at world famous Platinum Studios (Metallica, Ratt, Motley Crue, WASP), “Chaosbreed” is undoubtly a strong debut offering fresh blood to the metal community. So get cool, open a bottle, push play and prepare to have a f***ing great time!!

COP 15000 (Free Sticker Included)
Under The Black Veil
Classic Death Metal filled with anger and some melodic touches in the purest Swedish vein. The crushing guitar riffs supporting inhuman vocals creates the frame for a piece of heaviness and aggression.
Recorded at Studio Underground under the keys of Pelle Saether (Skyfire, Carnal Forge, Draconian,  Nightingale, Diabolical, Nightshade, Terror 2000), Under the Black Veil delivers the goods on flawless brutal music, stepping forward the standars but still keeping the roots on what Death Metal should be.
COP 16000
Agony´s Lamment
Recorded at Mars Recording, Shalersville, Ohio
Engineered by Bill Korecky
Mastered @ Masterdisk by Roger Lian
Produced by Soulless and Bill Korecky
Cover Artwork by Matt Cavotta
Jim Lippucci – Vocals
Chris Dora – Drums
Wayne Richards – Guitar
Jim Corrick – Guitar
Dave Johnson – Bass
COP 13000

 Infernal Thrashing Holocaust

Format CD
Just thrash, thrash, thrash. Heavy, fast and heavy from the japanese headmasters on their debut album that contain 9 brutal sounds with excelent arwork and blasting sound.


COP 15000

Beneath your Shadows

Format CD

A progressive Melodic Death Metal band that comes with their first release. Fifty five minutes to dream into shadows, battles and warriors wth their lyrics and riffs. A try masterpiece of metal.
COP 14000  (Reduced price, now!)


BrainDead: Behind the Mask of Sanity


Behind the Mask of sanity
First release from this guys from Bronx, New York. Dark Metal, mixing thrash & death with dark and deep moods based on psychological problems, unlike most other thrash / death metal bands today. The album contains fifteen songs including their hit: “Dreams”

– CD- Trapped in a Sleep
COP 15000
These Ukrainian Doom Metal tyrants have been subjecting the tender ears
of mortal man to excruciating agony since their inception way back in
1993, and now, with the release of the opus that is Trapped in a Sleep,
they have achieved the zenith of their bleak and depressive career. From
the crushing melodies of “Earth Escape Plan” to the plodding majesty of
“Filling the Void” to the majestic, yet subdued symphonies of “Eternal
Return, this one will take you on an emotional roller coaster from which
you may never recover. You need not be a fan of Doom Metal or Symphonic
Metal or even metal to appreciate the complexities and raw emotional
impact of Trapped in a Sleep.

Absolute Defilement.
COP 13000
Lucifer D. Larynx and the Satanic Grind Dogs of Death (henceforth referred to as LDL because fuck typing that again) is a grindcore band that originally formed some time during the 90’s and has put out a couple of demos, a split with Aussie grindsters The Kill and a self-titled EP. “Absolute Defilement” is their debut full length, which finally saw the light of day in April this year.
LDL play old-school grind in the most straightforward sense of the word. The main influences being the obvious suspects; early Napalm Death, early Brutal Truth, early Terrorizer, Repulsion and so on. Pretty much every track starts off with a sample intro leading into a short and to the point song featuring catchy riffs, blasting drums that tend to worship Sandoval’s work on the first Terrorizer album, incoherent low growled vocals mixed up with some high pitched shrieks… all in all, rather stock standard grindcore fare.
Basically, if you’re into old-school grind; you’ll dig this album, if you’re not, then it’s not going to change your opinion. There really isn’t much to be said about this type of music. LDL take an old and overdone formula, put their own spin on it and manage to play it well enough to stand above the legions of boring grind bands out there. These guys have done a top job and “Absolute Defilement” is a fine example of everything I like about grind.
†______________________________________________________________________________†Vitam-et_Mortem_CD VITAM ET MORTEM Invoking the EndFormat: CDCOP 12000Death Metallers comes with this brutal and sickness album, released with 10 majestic songs filled with riffs and marching tunes. Not recommended to insane people.†______________________________________________________________________________†

Nocturnal Feelings

Nocturnal Feelings

Nocturnal Feelings

Radical Art

The gates are wide open to embrace these true warriors who claim their rightful place on the throne of darkness. Inspired by the night and the cold winds from their surrounding dark mountains, the horde is back with a new assault against the light thru a majestic album that states from the tittle itself what they are here for.
There are neither shades of grey nor place for weakness, just cold, raw, aggressive and mystical Black Metal, evoking the awakening of the most feared side of human consciousness.

Digipack. COP13000


T-Shirts  ATHANATOR – T-Shirts

available on black color. All sizes.





Bottoms and Wristbands

The Athanator bundle

ATHANATOR merchandise.

Our bottom and wristband available on limited quantity. Wristband is a special handmade product embroidery with care by single mothers in Bolivia.

The bundle pack (wristband + bottom):   COP 10000 + shipping   



Tapes for sale

Tapes for sale

Classic sounds on tapes.

Three albums for different tastes:

  1. PARADOXX : goth music from ausie
  2. ATHANATOR : Colombian thrash metal with special tribute to Slayer
  3. NB-604 : black metal released in Ecuador.

Special price for collectors COP 14000.



Inhumate-Growth   INHUMATE -Growth

This full length album, the third one of the heptalogy, shows into a visual and sonic way a representation of the growing time and teen-agers years. Pure grind core!

Track List:    I Want to Kill Some…  (Pt.  III). / Underground. / Copyright. / The Fright. / Clock. / Grind God.  / Time.  /The Golden Cage. / Vanité ?  / N.S.C. / Urges ! / Karamazov.  /Grind to the Core. / Satyriasis./ Bread and Games. / Muensterturm./ D.I.Y.F.

Total playing time 32:07

COP 13000 free logo-buttom included.



Celebre words:

Don´t let that music stop. Is good for your brain!

No dejes que la Musica se detenga. Es bueno para tu cerebro!

“Sin Musica la vida es un error” (Friedrich Nietzsche.1844-1900)

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