About us

Formed in 1996. AlbertoArias, president for LIXO Sonido y Discos has a passion for sucess. That passion hasled to the identification of talent, production of Metal acts and unprecedented full retail distribution. Recognized as an industry rising star, Alberto Arias’ light iluminate practices. People that know him know that he speaks the truth and is about business.

Our Vision
Our target is to be the best independent, booking, management and metal label for 2012 based on free and fine acts.
Promote, sale and spread the independent artists across the world based on respect, credibility and proffesionalism. Keeping the true faith on musicians and their career.
LIXO Sonido & Discos, finds, launches and builds rock and metal bands helping thems to achieve a multi album career and in much cases enabling them to keep the ownership of their masters.

We Offer:

  • Skill negotiation
  • Careful planing
  • Innovative marketing
  • Consulting in concerts, tours, interviews in conjuction with agents
  • The fulfilment of the artists´ vision and potential.
  • Engineering, FOH and Stage Manager support.


Gear and partners 







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“Beyerdynamic DT770-M headphones give me clarity and isolation required in FOH and soundcheck with our heavy metal bands during live shows, rehearsal and showcases. An excellent tool that I will be using forever!”  



You can submit a demo through our contact info. Includes Bio, Pics, Reviews and personal contacts.
Don´t send us attachment files on your e-mail. Just a link to know about your band.

“Thrash or Power Metal riffs will never die or fade away —at least not in my head!”ilovethrash-tshirt_






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