Athanator strikes back

enATHANATOR, mercenary thrash act kick off again during the Festival Internacional Eje Rock, next 14 August in Obelisco La Villa, Pereira.

The band will be performing the latest tunes like “Die by Corruption”, “Redemption” and “How will die the next?” among classic songs “Architect of Disaster”, The Perfect Enemy”, “Walk Down the Dark”, “Metabolic Damage”, “Smile of the Death”m completing a discharge with Napalm Death´s “Suffer the Children”.




ATHANATOR will share stage with Chite, Devasted, Loskalaveras, Solstice and many more. EjeRock_Flyer

Place: Obelisco – La Villa. PEREIRA – Colombia.

Date: 14.08 2016

Time: From 13:00

Tickets: Just 1 Kg of pet food. Easy!!




Smile of the death