LEISHMANIASIS -Death Metal Alive!

Capital metallers has a new album.


In the middle of 2012 the band starts production of their first live album, a piece which pays tribute to the band’s fans, who have followed them for more than 20 years. This album includes six songs recorded at MANIZALES GRITA ROCK and some new songs in studio. This effort leads to the 2013 cd LIVERS BLEEDING LIVE, with this album the band wants to conquer the European and American markets, with a new lyric concept, and a music writing focused again to the brutal grind death, plus a new visual performance which was developed together with the artist Ivan Chacon, the professional photographer Khris Forero and designer Gabriel Granados.


Available now at The Crypt Store

Leishmaniasis Livers bleeding live Digi DEF



Athanator – The Perfect Enemy / Architect of Disaster

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Though Athanator was a name often on the wind surrounding our ears the RR had never taken the plunge and investigated the band further despite their mention always coming in positive and strong declarations. Thanks to an email from Alberto Arias of their Columbian label LIXO Sonido & Discos the chance to remedy that fell into our laps as two of their albums The Perfect Enemy and Architect of Disaster were sent our way for covering. Neither is new, from 2006 and 2009 respectively, but such their quality and compelling persuasion another of our intermittent retrospective reviews was definitely the order of the day.

Hailing from Medellin, Colombia, Athanator formed in 1989 and was soon one of the biggest draws on the country’s metal underground scene. Demo recordings began building an emerging stature for the band with the usual line-up shuffles many bands go through adding spice to the progress of the band. 2000 saw the band release debut album Rise the Death which not only cemented the band’s place in the passions of the underground but sparked wider world awareness for their contagious melody fuelled thrash metal. A place on Raise The Slaughter- A Tribute to Slayer in 2002 only brought greater recognition upon the quartet leading the band to selling out numerous shows and supporting German thrashers Destruction, whilst second album Earth of Blood, a release bursting with old school thrash might, pushed the band further into the sight of the world before the two albums concentrated on here sealed the deal andset  the band one of the best emerging metal bands not only from South America but the genre itself.

12.5 Perfect Enemy The Perfect Enemy instantly warns the ear with the first track’s war zone introduction. Thoughts On The Battlefield then eruptsinto viewand into a charge of thumping rhythms and explosive riffs; its eager and hungry assault gnawing the ear to spark an immediate appetite for release and sound. As the hoarse vocals ofJaime Ocampo graze the senses from within the fiery and greedy exploits of his and Eder Zapata’s guitar enterprise, the track brings the prime essences of Slayer and Anthrax into a keen and potent mix.It is maybe not the most staggering start but is the perfect appetiser for the likes of the rapacious Fill Your Heart With Fury and the predatoryUnsocial God to build upon. The first of the pair employs essential grooves into its adrenaline driven riff attack with the vocals finding an even more impressive position at the heart of the climactic song. The bass of Kike Ramirez enjoyably grumbles and prowls gloriously throughout song and album whilst the drums ofJuan Carlos Sanchez, which for personal tastes are given a weak tinny production, cages it all with flare and skilled eagerness.

The third song on the album is a trigger to greater things on the release, its imaginative welcome and twists bringing a varied slant to sound and release. There is a Metallica like whisper through its emerging shadows and riveting sonic premise whilst Cavalera Conspiracy intimidation teases across the restrained but potent provocation. This new level is matched by the creative riots of Purifiedand the scintillating Gallery Of Dreams whilst Smile Of The Death with riffs and rhythms flying from its core like missiles steals top honours on the album with its mix of Static X and Megadeth seeded invention. After a more than decent startThe Perfect Enemy evolves into one fine thrash/metal album finishing with another triumph in the mighty shape of Hatred In Shatercaratulacd-dvd   Its successor Architect of Disaster again opens with a scene setting breath, this time an industrialised haunting atmosphere generating menace and fear. It leads into first songMorbid Fear with evocative hues which seamlessly evolve into confrontational jaws of the opener. Instantly there feels a darker more predacious energy and breath to the album than its predecessor which soaks the song with formidable intensity. Like on the previous album the opening song is a very solid and welcoming encounter which awakens the senses for following songs to exploit better, though it should be noted the guitar play and spicy latter hooks offered are pure addiction.

The following tempest of The Army Of Death raises the temperature and intimidation higher whilst the likes of Scarred For Life and Method To The Madnesswhip up deeper passion for their destructive temptations. The first of the two songs grinds away at the emotions and body with grinding grooves and rabid riffs whilst the drums of Repe Mejia, the only change in the line-up to the last album, punch and slap the ear as a mighty hunger for the album breaks loose, soon to be satisfied by the blistering storm of the second of the pair. As it taunts and drags the passions into its anthemic fire thoughts of Testament and Kreator are no strangers but as before it is fair to say the song and sound is distinctly Athanator’s.

There is an open maturity and adventure pinning this album to the wall of glory, a thrilling build on the previous impressive endeavours. Tracks like the viciously tantalising Into The Shadows and the even more malicious Void bring the album to another powerful and intensive climax which the throaty bass lure and lethal swing of No Room For Error and the brilliant closing title track endorse passionately. Best track on the album with vocals, riffs, and rhythms enslaving the passions in a defined brawl of creative ferocity, it leaves body and mind declaring Athanator as eternally welcome violators.

Both the Jose Uribe produced albums are tremendous and if like us you have been slow to catch on to the might of Athanator they are the essential gateway to their impressive presence. Though The Perfect Enemy probably has the greater individual moments in its body Architect of Disaster, which comes with an equally exciting live DVD, is the stronger and more accomplished of the two, but truthfully both leave even current thrash releases floundering in their wake.


The Perfect Enemy 8.5/10

Architect of Disaster 9/10

RingMaster 28/08/2013

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Festival Altavoz 10 years, choice ATHANATOR

en Festival Altavoz is celebrating 10 years as the main Medellin´s open air music event.


So, we are proud to announce that ATHANATOR will be there as special guest during the initial set act before than International Festival to be released early November this year.

Next 17th August from 14:00 hrs the Festival will show the most important local metal bands during last years on the famous Carlos Vieco Ortiz theatre: a beautiful open air site nested in the Cerro Nutibara.

Admission is free with tickets in advance through Municipio de Medellin culture bureau.


Here the band listed for this event:

1. Disektor
2. Nefilim
3. Cromlech
4. Revenge
5. Arius
6. Mörwen
7. Indomite
8. Aphangak
9. Adivarius
10. Shudra
11. Absolution Denied
12. Nightmare
Altavoz Band 10: ATHANATOR


es El Festival Altavoz celebra 10 años como el principal evento al aire libre.

Es por eso que orgullosamente presentamos a ATHANATOR como la banda invitada en la eliminatorias en el género metal para la final a realizarse en el mes de Noviembre.

El Festival mostrará lo mas representativo del metal local a partir de las 14 horas el próximo 17 de Agosto en el Teatro al Aire Libre Carlos Vieco Ortiz, el cual se encuentra construido sobre el Cerro Nutibara con una espectacular vista de la ciudad.

Las entrada es gratuita pero con adquisición de boletas previamente en la Oficina de Cultura Ciudadana del Municipio de Medellín.


Aqui esta el listado de las bandas participantes:

1. Disektor
2. Nefilim
3. Cromlech
4. Revenge
5. Arius
6. Mörwen
7. Indomite
8. Aphangak
9. Adivarius
10. Shudra
11. Absolution Denied
12. Nightmare
Banda Altavoz 10: ATHANATOR


Sin Músicos no hay Fiesta

Los músicos de Medellín celebrarán la noche más corta del año
es La fiesta tiene banda sonora, protagonistas y escenario. Sin músicos no hay fiesta, los músicos son los protagonistas y el escenario la ciudad. Músicos de diferentes géneros se darán cita en el Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe para celebrar la noche más corta el año. El 20 de junio, víspera del solsticio de verano, el escenario se llenará de color y fiesta durante 11 horas con 12 presentaciones musicales.

La Unión del Sector de la Musical (USM) y el Teatro Pablo Tobón celebrarán con los músicos de Medellín la noche más corta del año, la víspera del solsticio de verano. Juancho Valencia y Teresita Gómez (Interpretación de piano), Siguarajazz (Salsa/Latin Jazz), SonBatá (Fusión/Folklor), Pargo Rojo (Rock), Alcolirykoz y Mandrágora (Rap), Esteban Gira (Rock), Alibombo (Percusión experimental), Hasta el fondo (Rock and roll), Artefacto (Rock), DonKristobal (Reggae), Athanator (Metal) y Los Suxioz (Punk), algunas de las mejores bandas de la ciudad serán los protagonistas de esta fiesta.












En la noche de los músicos el público será quien le ponga el valor a su entrada, cada quien le pondrá el precio a la boleta que considere justo por este espectáculo. Y en la caja del Café Teatro pagará lo que su bolsillo le permita. Al final del evento el dinero recaudado será distribuido en partes iguales entre todos los artistas en escena.

Información general

Lugar: Teatro Pablo Tobón Uribe

Fecha: Jueves 20 de junio de 2013

Boletería: ¿Cuánto te atreves a pagar?

Hora: 3:00 p.m. a 2:00 a.m.

Organizan: USM y Teatro Pablo Tobón

Cali Hell Fest Vol.III

Hell will be over Cali.
Next 9 June 2013
From 14:00 hrs.
Tickets in advance: Matadore Store $ 14.000
Venue: Alterno Bar (Avenida Vasquez Cobo 25-10) Cali – Valle – Colombia
Weather conditions: Storms and rain of metal!!



Unforgettable show with full PA and Light systems:
– 10000 WATTS RMS

3 Days in row for Metal Medallo


Friday, 31.05.2013:
HELL’S LUST: 7:00 – 7:40
ALDEMONIO: 7:40 – 8:30
MULADAR: 8:30 – 9:20
ÉBOLA: 9:20 – 10:10
UR: 10:10 -11:00

Saturday, 01.06.2013:
ABYSMAL HATE: 6:20 – 7:00
MORTEM: 7:00 -7:40
ETNOCIDIO: 7:40 – 8:30
VITAM ET MORTEM: 8:30 – 9:20
DIRGES: 9:20 – 10:10
CHROMLECH: 10:10 -11:00

Sunday 02.06.2013:
MALDITO: 5:00 – 5:40
IGNIS VENTORUM: 5:40 – 6:30
KHARONTE: 6:30 – 7:20
MORTIFERIAN: 8:10 – 9:00
XCREMENTOR: 9:00 – 9:50
MUNDO DEPRESIVO: 9:50 – 10:40
Tickets in advance: $ 12.000
1 day (before 30.05) and $ 15.000 last day.
2 days: $ 20.000
3 days: $ 30.000
First fifty 3 days tickets sold at just $ 25.000
INFO: tel. +4 2160708 at Teatro Ateneo Porfirio Barba Jacob.

ATHANATOR new show announced!

Date: 18.05.2013
Time: 20:00 hrs
Place: Nuestro Bar – Avenida 33 #65 B 67 Medellín
Tickets: $ 10.000 at doors.
Special guests: Anarka

Nuestro Bar gig


Thrash legend act, ATHANATOR were be sharing stage with good friends and a good beers next Saturday, 18 May. We invite you to listen good and devastating thrash sounds as well as great covers from Metallica and Slayer. Don´t forget to take your girlfriend (boyfriend) and pals.


La leyenda paisa ATHANATOR estará compartiendo escenario con sus buenos amigos de Anarka y unas cuantas cervezas este próximo sábado 18 de Mayo. Los invitamos a escuchar buen thrash además de temas de Metallica y Slayer. No olviden llevar a su novia(o) y parceros!

Metal Medallo rides again!

en After 3 years resting in a big coffin the first metal contest and festival in Medellin raise and ride again!
Metal Medallo
The first gig coming with 4 heavy bands: FROZEN CHAOS, DISASTER, DAYCORE and ATHANATOR.

Tickets are available in advance from 12 February directly through Ateneo de Medellín.

es Después de 3 años de descanso en un ataúd, regresa el primer festival y convocatoria de la ciudad de Medellin: Metal Medallo
El primer concierto del año viene con cuatro bandas locales: FROZEN CHAOS, DISASTER, DAYCORE y ATHANATOR.

Las boletas estarán disponibles a partir del 12 de Febrero en las taquillas del teatro Ateneo de Medellín

afiche metal medallo feb 2013

BrainDead- Dark metal neoyorkino que rompe reglas

El dark metal de la vieja escuela no ha muerto!


esEsta en nuestras venas y gracias a que bandas como BrainDead lo continuan realizando.

Esta agrupación formada en 1998 en el Bronx, famoso barrio de Nueva York, cuando 2 musicos de origen latino se unen para crear y componer punk/thrash en sus primeros años, realizando algunos temas propios con los que se dan a conocer en su nativa ciudad.

Luego después del 2002 la banda cambia su estilo realizando un sonido death/thrash con origen en la vieja escuela del metal, tendencia que manejan por los proximos 4 años que los hace crecer y ganar reputación como una de las bandas mas solidas de la capital del mundo.

Para el 2007 realizan un cambio en su formación original y su tendencia se convierte en un Dark Metal, con sonidos mas densos y liricas mas oscuras tomando un estilo propio y único.

Actualmente tienen su album “Behind the Mask of Insanity”, un trabajo auto realizado con 15 brutales temas que contienen liricas bastante concisas pero a la vez metaforicas sumergidas en una voz gutural profunda y gruesa, acompañados por buenos riffs y descargas de densos sonidos marchantes.

La banda estáactualmente conformada por:

Ed Corpse555 M. – Lead Guitars / Vocals
Hector Hex T. – Rhythm Guitar / Backing Vocals
David Fuckin’ R. – Bass / Backing Vocals
Alberto Quiñones – Drums

La banda actualmente busca promoción de su trabajo en nuestro país.

Para mayor información, MP3, videos o shows contactanos aqui