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Antologia_de_la_Muerte Athanator - Antología de la Muerte $5.00 Col$15,500.00

compilation album with the first releases for the band. Original songs from early days (1989-1992). Finely remastered to be out on a luxury CD work. Music composed and performed by original members as well as latest line-up.

architect_of_Disaster ATHANATOR- Architect of Disaster 884502160390 $8.99 Col$27,869.00

Real Thrash Metal is again in the emerging throes of a glorious renaissance and Athanator’s new album “Architect of Disaster” will only enhance this growing trend and the bands formidable reputation as one of South America´s premier Metal bands. Drawing upon an often forgotten skill of brutality and song writing, these Colombians have got it right again with a crushing, but groove laden album that will have you thinking back to Thrash Metal’s glory years while still retaining a fresh modern edge! Available as a limited edition with 10 killer tracks and a DVD containing interviews, live and studio footage it fully captures the Athanator experience. Hit the bands Myspace to hear a track from the album and check out the trailer for the DVD too..The album includes a special Making of… DVD with new videos and interviews and live footage. All packed and deluxe DVD box set with a 12 page full color booklet.

12.5 Perfect Enemy.jpg Athanator- The Perfect Enemy 634479566332 $4.99 Col$15,469.00

Fourth album released by this trash metal band with our label. Showed like the best thrash album in US, Japan and Morroco.

"Athanator rock harder than a box full of rocks which, given the rock content of a box of rocks, is quite an achievement. With a particularly virulent strain of thrash that rumbles tighter than a snake in a hose-pipe, it is clear that these guys perspire with admiration for such old-school gods as Metallica and Slayer. But tracks such as Thoughts on the Battlefield and Smile of the Death prove that they are by no means a tribute act".

11.Earthcover.JPG ATHANATOR Earth of Blood 123 $5.00 Col$15,500.00

Great album released from thrash masters. Includes 15 heavy and fast tracks including their icon hit "Walk Down the Dark" and himn tunes like "Savior of God", "Methabolic Damage", "Earth of Blood", This album was nominated as best new album on London Music Awards in 2005. An album for collectors of good metal.

raisecover.jpg Athanator - Raise the Death 124 $4.99 Col$15,469.00

Format: CD
Re-issued: 31.10.2010
Release Date: 25.08.2000
Produced by: Athanator
First album released by themselves with death andthrash metal sounds, with an amazing classic heavy riffs and blasting guttural voices. An album dense with excellent quality design to show how the death raise again after 8 years in darkness to put the band on the underground scene.
Track list:
-Gothic Hunt
-Murderous Dreams
-The Eyes of a Death Child
-Bloody Hands of Christ
-Suicide Souls
-Christianism`s Sunset
-Schizophrenic Agony
-Masters of War
-Macabre Nightmare
-Fight for Blood

promo_patria-athanator.jpg Patria Extrema Vol.2 7702341 $8.99 Col$27,869.00

One year took to put a masterpiece with the most important extreme metal acts from Colombia. Putting many metal bands in a solo album require a hard work and dedication.

This special deluxe edition will be released by Patria Extrema Records in collaboration with the 39 partners bands.

It contains 22 video clips in high definition from Tenebrarum, Masacre, God of Lies, Poker, Eternal Lament, Athanator, Nemesis, No Raza, etc. plus 18 blasting songs from icon bands like Kill, Mysteries, Warrior Soul, C.D.O, Mortalem, Vitam et Mortem, Innerhate, Iconoclast, etc.

AShort.jpg Murder - A Short Story 634479602023 $3.99 Col$12,369.00

Format : CD Release Date: 19.05.1999 Produced by : Murder and Jorge Montoya. First album produced by MURDER themselves in the Ensamble-MidiTrack Studios, Medellin, Colombia .Mastered by Victor Garcia (Nash, Sobredosis) at Numedia Productions, Los Angeles, CA. Eight songs recorded and engineered by Jorge Montoya and Jorge Calderon during November and December 1996 that put the band in the international metal scene. The album combines acoustic and heavy tunes supported by marching drums and guttural voices leded by Diego Vanegas. Track list: Between Dreams Seek for Freedom A Short Story Looking the Sky Searching the Light Inequal Subconcious Thoughts Uncertain Future

From_Deep_Inside Murder - From Deep Inside 634479602023 $3.69 Col$11,439.00

Formad: CD

Second album from Medellin metallers which has 11 songs between spanish and english lyrics, performing a classic power metal in the vein of Carcass and Entombed. Aurelien Tissoux from Metal of Masters wrote about this album: "Murder, band from Colombia plays powerfull metal. >From Deep Inside album is compound of 11 song, most of them are written in Spanish. Murder shows various influences, from Death to Heavy metal. The singing is typically Power metal, but we also hear some death grows passages. The songs are well structured, and the guitar solos are not very complex but efficient. Several accoustic passages break the metal rythm and reinforce the originality of the compositions. The production is good but the sound lacks more personality. Anyway, here is a very reliable record, well interpreted and in the tradition of the best power metal bands."


Inside_Cover Inside - Hologram 166 $4.99 Col$15,469.00

Format: CD

Melodic Death Metallers, INSIDE has their first release - Hologram-

The album perfectly captures the power of the band and enthusiasm. It comes with 9 tunes that show a fines lyrics and excellent riffs with expresive passages through 38 minutes of good Melodic Death Metal. For people that loves the european nordic sounds likes At the Gates, In Flames or Hypocrisy.

10.AthaSlayer.jpg Athanator - Raise the Slaughter none $2.99 Col$9,269.00

Format: Casette

Every band grow-up with their influences and favorite artists and Athanator are not exception. After reunion beginning the new millenium, they performed some gigs in tribute to Celtic Frost, Metallica and slayer. The sucess was strong and the band goes to studio to record a tribute to Slayer. Eleven songs from the thrash masters were took to show that Athanator may have extreme sounds without troubles. Also, it contains 2 bonus tracks with demo song for the forth coming album: Earth of Blood.

Inhumase_Growth Inhumate - Growth none $3.69 Col$11,439.00

This full length album, the third one of the heptalogy, shows into a visual and sonic way a representation of the growing time and teen-agers years. Pure grind core!

Track List:

I Want to Kill Some... (Pt. III). / Underground. / Copyright. / The Fright. / Clock. / Grind God. / Time. /The Golden Cage. / Vanité ? / N.S.C. / Urges ! / Karamazov. /Grind to the Core. / Satyriasis./ Bread and Games. / Muensterturm./ D.I.Y.F. Total playing time 32:07 Free logo-buttom included.

Fastkill_Infernal.jpg Fastkill- Infernal Thrashing Holocaust 171 $5.00 Col$15,500.00

Format CD
Just thrash, thrash, thrash.

Heavy, fast and heavy from the japanese headmasters on their debut album that contain 9 brutal sounds with excelent arwork and blasting sound. 

underthreat-the-manifest-void.jpg Underthreat - The Manifested Void 74352 $5.00 Col$15,500.00

The Manifested Void was conceived during different periods of time and in different territories between the years 2006 and 2012, and finally immortalized between March and September of 2013 at SOS studios in Bogotá - Colombia.
Guest appearances include Sakis Tolis from greek band Rotting Christ and Alex Okendo from Colombian legendary band Masacre. Also second live guitarist Juan Burbano contributed with the solo for "This karmic affinity" and our friend Majestic XII did all the synth and keyboard arrangements.
The cover artwork was made by Niklas Sundin from legendary band Dark tranquillity ( and all the layout, design and image was done by Nicolas Vesga.

Eleven songs with pure death metal in vein of European bands with modern and old school touches. Free sticker included with your jewel case CD.


kingse1.jpg King´s Evil - Deletion of Humanoise 2976166401 $4.99 Col$15,469.00

 Their sound shall be described as aggressive Thrash Metal, in the vein of KREATOR.

The ultra-heavy unison riffs and thrilling solo works by Yamada brothers shall hit the mind of true “Thrash Metal Maniacs”. Wataru Yamada’s powerful vocals, of course, are quite worth to be checked out. Brothers Masamachi and Wataru Yamada have created a powerful album choc full of classic thrashy (extreme) aggression that manages to hard back to yesteryear without ever sounding tired, dated or as though they are stuck in a rut. Several leagues up from Guillotines -Under The Guillotine- effort of a few years ago, this is an album that will have you cutting off the sleeves of your denim jacket before you know it. They may have missed the retro explosion boat but when the results are like this, who cares?
“Deletion of Humanoise is about pace changes, downright catchiness and general mayhem that hard back to the golden age of thrash.
(8)Terrorizer, October 2002.

Manipulate_Slaves manipulated Slaves 215432375 $6.99 Col$21,669.00


Dramatic thrash metal from Japan (Imported)

 -The Legendary Black Jade-

-Burst into Blue Flame-

Osaka metallers has released this 2 classic albums through World Caos Productions in 2000 and 2001.