Athanator strikes back

enATHANATOR, mercenary thrash act kick off again during the Festival Internacional Eje Rock, next 14 August in Obelisco La Villa, Pereira.

The band will be performing the latest tunes like “Die by Corruption”, “Redemption” and “How will die the next?” among classic songs “Architect of Disaster”, The Perfect Enemy”, “Walk Down the Dark”, “Metabolic Damage”, “Smile of the Death”m completing a discharge with Napalm Death´s “Suffer the Children”.




ATHANATOR will share stage with Chite, Devasted, Loskalaveras, Solstice and many more. EjeRock_Flyer

Place: Obelisco – La Villa. PEREIRA – Colombia.

Date: 14.08 2016

Time: From 13:00

Tickets: Just 1 Kg of pet food. Easy!!




Smile of the death

Viboral Rock Fest 16

en  A metal and good rock storm comes to El Carmen de Viboral, next 27 to 29 May during the Viboral Rock Festival.

The second day comes with 9 metal acts: Vitam et Morten, Aphangak, Profania, Albatroz, Adivarius, Skeletor, Revenge, Luciferian and ATHANATOR.



Metal day: 28.05.2015  From 15:00 hrs

Place: Instituto de Cultura del Carmen de Viboral

Tickets: 1 pet kilo food. \m/


Patria Extrema Vol.2

en  One year took to put a masterpiece with the most important extreme metal acts from Colombia. Putting many metal bands in a solo album require a hard work and dedication. This special deluxe edition will be released by Patria Extrema Records in collaboration with the 39 partners bands.

It contains 22 video clips in high definition from Tenebrarum, Masacre, God of Lies, Poker, Eternal Lament,  Athanator, Nemesis, No Raza, etc. plus 18 blasting songs from icon bands like Kill, Mysteries, Warrior Soul, C.D.O, Mortalem, Vitam et Mortem, Innerhate, Iconoclast, etc.

The excellent stuff is useful to know the latest releases from our scene and bring support for upcoming releases for the bands.

We are proud to offer  “Die by Corruption”, their latest video created  under Umbra Productions for our main heavy metal act . A song used to promote the forming album untitled, yet. Album to be out early 2016 as the eighth releasing under their belt.



Patria Extrema Vol. 2  is available from Independence day (20.07.2014).

Format: DVD + CD in a Deluxe box set

Price: COP25000 for Colombia. (USD12.99 rest of the world) + shipping*

(*Buy it through The Crypt Store and receive Athanator sticker and poster, free).

Die by Corruption- new Athanator video


en We are proud to announce the newest video for thrash metal icon: ATHANATOR. The tune is the first launch for their for coming untitled album in 2015. It was recorded in Bogota through “Umbra Producciones” announcing the return for Juan Escobar as original lead guitar and frontman replacing to Eder Zapata, who leave the band due to professional reasons. Die by Corruption  is just one between eleven songs that will be included on the new album.


Esta canción es el primer lanzamiento de lo que será la nueva placa 2015 de Athanator. Grabado en Bogotá por “Umbra Producciones”, este video presenta el retorno de Juan Fernando Escobar en la guitarra líder, miembro original del grupo y reemplazo de Eder Zapata quien se retiró a inicios de 2014 por motivos laborales. “Die by corruption” es una de las 11 composiciones que saldrán en el nuevo disco de la banda, el cual se encuentra en producción en este momento.

Bogothrash Festival 2014

Domingo 01 de Junio de 2014. Desde las 10:00AM.

En La Gran Pista:  Calle 13 # 28 – 16.

Estación Ricaurte de Transmilenio al frente.


BOLETAS primera etapa: Agotadas

Segunda etapa: $30.000

Reciba Informacion.

••BBpin: 7A402130

••Whatsapp: 3115703313

Agreguenos y reportese con un Saludo, Gracias.


(Recomendamos LLamar antes de ir a cada Punto)

•CHAPINERO Edificio Vargas Av Caracas No 63-61 Local 112 Audio Room Tel.3472133

•CENTRO Rolling Dics Av 19 #4-38 Local 206 C.C Vía Libre Tel.2860009

•SUBA Gamatek Av C.Cali # 140B 103F-77 Tel.5354564

•OZZY Bar Av Boyaca #64F-15 ($30.000 + $2.000 de Ticket Service OzzyBar) Tel.3001125

Cartel Confirmado:

• Nervosa (Sâo Paulo, Brasil)

• Cobra (Bogotá)

ATHANATOR (Medellín)

• Drunk Dog (Bogotá)

• Evil Whiplash (Popayán)

• Darkness (Bogotá)

• Daycore (Bello)

• Sagros (Cali)

• Dementor (Cali)

• Nightmare (Medellín)

Horde Thor + Athanator live at Altavoz 10


After a hard and intensive work Folk and Troll metallers HORDE THOR join ventures with ATHANATOR to produce this brutal and gutural song called “Todos tendrán su fin”. A song composed by front men´s Juan Carlos and Lucas Gomez with a little help from their friends Jaime Ocampo and Kike Ramirez.

This song was produced in the Athanator own rehearsal studio during last 8 weeks under umbrella of Athanator militia. Song that will be launched during next Altavoz Festival 10 in Medellin, Colombia.


The show for Horde Thor on next 3rd November  includes tunes from their last album “Fatherland” released through Nebulosa Productions. They were be sharing stage with many metal bands during 3 days of festival.  You can listen “Todos tendrán su fin” here:

Festival Altavoz 10 years, choice ATHANATOR

en Festival Altavoz is celebrating 10 years as the main Medellin´s open air music event.


So, we are proud to announce that ATHANATOR will be there as special guest during the initial set act before than International Festival to be released early November this year.

Next 17th August from 14:00 hrs the Festival will show the most important local metal bands during last years on the famous Carlos Vieco Ortiz theatre: a beautiful open air site nested in the Cerro Nutibara.

Admission is free with tickets in advance through Municipio de Medellin culture bureau.


Here the band listed for this event:

1. Disektor
2. Nefilim
3. Cromlech
4. Revenge
5. Arius
6. Mörwen
7. Indomite
8. Aphangak
9. Adivarius
10. Shudra
11. Absolution Denied
12. Nightmare
Altavoz Band 10: ATHANATOR


es El Festival Altavoz celebra 10 años como el principal evento al aire libre.

Es por eso que orgullosamente presentamos a ATHANATOR como la banda invitada en la eliminatorias en el género metal para la final a realizarse en el mes de Noviembre.

El Festival mostrará lo mas representativo del metal local a partir de las 14 horas el próximo 17 de Agosto en el Teatro al Aire Libre Carlos Vieco Ortiz, el cual se encuentra construido sobre el Cerro Nutibara con una espectacular vista de la ciudad.

Las entrada es gratuita pero con adquisición de boletas previamente en la Oficina de Cultura Ciudadana del Municipio de Medellín.


Aqui esta el listado de las bandas participantes:

1. Disektor
2. Nefilim
3. Cromlech
4. Revenge
5. Arius
6. Mörwen
7. Indomite
8. Aphangak
9. Adivarius
10. Shudra
11. Absolution Denied
12. Nightmare
Banda Altavoz 10: ATHANATOR


Method to…hit Las Vegas charts

Thrash metallers ATHANATOR are hitting the Las Vegas and Nevada charts again. Their song “Method to the Madness” arrives at #1 on thursday 16th August for Chops911 Station.
Method is the second song to be in the US charts from the “Architect of Disaster” album from last 3 weeks.
“Is not so easy for a Colombian Metal band to get it”. Comments Jaime Ocampo lead singer and frontman for the quartet. “Metal acts from South America still a hard work to put the music on the US market and we are get in step by step”.

The goal its get thanks to a heavy promotion released through the home label as well as their distribution and web order company CD Baby.
Please, check Method to the Madness on the charts HERE.

Scarred for Life video selected on US Channel

Yes, “Scarred for Life” HD video released by thrashers icon ATHANATOR was selected to be in a US Channel.
The song was took between 1300 hard rock and metal applications submitted around the world for Allbiz Entertainment Company.

The video is over 1.100 views!

The song is included on the CD/DVD album “Architect of Disaster” available at “The Crypt Store” or “CD Baby” virtual store worldwide.

Check the video here: