Qu-24 resists metal bites

enWorking for the music/entertainment industry in Latin America is a crazy adventure. You need to break the rules be a step ahead from your mates and competitors.

My passion for heavy metal took me to offer my services to a small gig in “Nuestro Bar” 2 weeks ago, supporting live sound, monitoring and recording in front of 100+ metalheads screaming their favorite tunes for local acts.

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Qu-24 on

Qu-24 working

Improvisation is the predominant word in the underground scene. I never received a technical rider for the bands and only I used my instinct and knowledge from the house to set the mic and sounds requirement: 3 bands with 3, 4 and 5 members using the classic rock instrumental set up: guitar(s), bass and a 5 piece drum kit in a stage that only comprise 3 x 2 meters, where you don´t have chance to spread backline, monitor and stand mics as you like.

So, my option was 2 stands for vocals, a couple more for drums and K+M clamps around the instruments to void unwanted sounds and considering the space reduced, using eleven microphones/DI channels (we have no more microphones available due to chance) trying to catch the best sound on the stage.

On drums we used an assorted stuff: Tech TDM 72D on snare, SM100S on racks, kick and floor drums, and Takstar PCM5400 for overhead; while  TA-8225 was used for the 4 x 12 Laney cabin guitars adding two DI on guitars and bass. Sennheiser E835 and SM58 on vocals. Everything connected to my Allen & Heath´s Qu-24.


Soundcheck begun 1 hour later than expected, but only took 10 minutes with “Ultra-Violence” the headliner for the show. The fast solution was keep the scene in the Qu-24.

The open act: Mundo Depresivo performed a grind/death metal that come as storm with riffs and guttural voice standing the audience during the show. They sounds great!

After 40 minutes and releasing a fast changeover “Ultra-Violence start a dense and dark tunes remembering and paying tribute to Celtic Frost and finalizing with a own version of Motörhead´s Orgasmatron. Then, after running a couple of troubles for monitoring and backline system at midnight, arrives “Disaster” performing 50 intense minutes of thrash/death metal stealing shouting and whistles from the audience wishing more and more music.

Briefly, my thoughts and experience was amazing, the system works properly and the house so glad with the show. I know that we used low cost equipment, cheap technology, perhaps. But I put my energy to bring a show trying to satisfy ears and brains hungry of good metal.

The Qu-24 it worked fine, and step by step I put our Colombian bands into a next level.